Words from the executive director


Since 2015, I have had a vision and desire to see manufacturing support the energy sector and be an anchor for commerce in the state of New Mexico.  I’ve been asked, “Why manufacturing, and why energy?”  My answer was then and still is, “Why not and what else?“ 

Why Manufacturing – Manufacturing creates good, sustainable high-paying jobs.

Why Energy – Energy is New Mexico’s most abundant and resilient hard asset.

So, with my growing understanding and increasing exposure to the possibilities, I am committed to the fullest extent possible to work for the benefit of the state by promoting energy manufacturing in New Mexico.  This aspiration has been affirmed and confirmed by the American Jobs Initiative in Berkeley, California which has intensified a personal desire to create a path to help bring energy manufacturing to reality in New Mexico.

In 2015, I realized I have a  passion, then my passion and my incessant conversations about energy manufacturing made me realize I have a commitment; and ultimately my passion and my commitment made me realize I have an obligation.    With the insight, help and encouragement from a lot of wonderful people, we now have two organizations, NM Energy Manufacturing Consortium and NM Energy Manufacturing Institute, poised to help create the path forward for an energy manufacturing industry in New Mexico. 

With Warm Regards,

Bobbie Williams